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68 Keys Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Portable 20 RGB Backlight Keyboard for Windows Laptops Computer

68 Keys Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Portable 20 RGB Backlight Keyboard for Windows Laptops Computer

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Brand Name: HXSJ

Origin: Mainland China

Operation Style: MEMBRANE

Language: English


Application: Desktop

Application: Laptop

Keyboard Standard: 68 keys

Style: Standard

Style: Gaming

Style: Mini

Style: For Laptop

Style: Multifunctional Keyboard

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Certification: KC

Package: Yes

Keycup printing: Laser

Keycup material: ABS plastic

Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR

Interface Type: USB

Wrist Support: No

Switches Hot swap: No

Full Size keyboard: No

Choice: yes

Selling point:

1. Wired membrane gaming keyboard with more than 20 RGB backlight options, creating a stunning and colorful experience with lighting modes.

2. Mini keyboard with ergonomic design and full support for combination keys, ideal for both gaming and office use. Portable and easy to operate.

3. Mechanical keyboard with long-lasting switch life of up to 10 million uses and reliable quality, offering excellent value for money.

4. Keyboard with detachable key line and USB to Type-C connector, featuring transparent character backlight for easy typing and character recognition.

5. Compatible with multiple systems, including Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11 and IOS, allowing for seamless connection with just one click.

6. Multiple combination keys available for enhanced gaming and office experience, offering simple and convenient operation.


Product number: V200 RGB Gaming Keyboard

lnterface Type: USB

Product solutions: SK9708

Number of keys:68 Keys

Button life: 10 million times or more

Operating Voltage: 5.0V+5% DC

Working current: 110mA(MAX)

System compatibility: Compatible with IBM PC Win98SE/Me/2000/XPIVISTA/WIN 7/WIN10

Product line length:170CM

Keycap material: ABS injection molding

Multimedia: With multimedia (laser carving)

Product Size:31*10.1x 35cm

Product weight:327g

Package Size: 33.5*13*4.5cm

Package weight:470g

Package included:

1x Gaming keyboard

1x English User manual

Product function introduction:

The keyboard is a Type-C interface, which is connected to the host with a Type-C to USB interface cable.

4-1.Volume adjustment:

FN+R key for volume reduction,FN+T key for volume plus,FN+Y key for mute;

4-2.Backlight adjustment:

FN + left arrow key to adjust the streamer speed to slow down,

FN + right arrow key streamer speed acceleration, there are 4 speed adjustable speed;The constant light backlight cannot be adjusted;

FN + up arrow key and FN + down arrow key to adjust backlight brightness, 4 levels adjustable;

FN+ {[ key: backlight off/on, cycle switch;

FN+] Key: Streamer switch mode;

FN+ ]}key : monochrome light switching mode;

FN+W: W.A S.D key and arrow key switching function, cyclic switching;

FN+Win: Lock the Win key, repeat unlock

4-3.Compound function key switching:

FN + Esc key = '~      FN +9(key = F9

FN+ 1! key = F1        FN+ O) key = F10

FN + 2@ key = F2       FN + - key = F11

FN + 3# key = F3       FN+=+ key = F12

FN+ 4$ key = F4        FN+ Back key = Delete

FN +5% key = F5        FN+INS key = Prtsc

FN+6^ key = F6         FN + Del key = Pause

FN+ 7& key = F7        FN + Home key = Pgup

FN+8* key = F8          FN+ End key = Pgdn

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