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Fairywill Electric Sonic Toothbrush USB Charge FW-507 Rechargeable Waterproof Electronic Tooth Brushes Replacement Heads Adult

Fairywill Electric Sonic Toothbrush USB Charge FW-507 Rechargeable Waterproof Electronic Tooth Brushes Replacement Heads Adult

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Commodity Quality Certification: ce


Power type: 220V

Brand Name: Fairywill

Age Group: all

Number of nozzles: 4


Material: ABS/TPE/Dupont nylon

Origin: Mainland China

Bristle stiffness: SOFT

Function: Whitening mode

Function: Mode "gentle cleaning"

Function: Massage mode

Function: timer

Type: Acoustic Wave

Choice: yes

• Electric Toothbrush :Experience the convenience of an electric toothbrush with Fairywill's FW-507. It's not just a toothbrush, it's a technology-driven solution for oral health.

• USB Chargeable :Never worry about running out of power again. This toothbrush is USB chargeable, ensuring you can always maintain oral hygiene whenever you have access to a charger.

• Waterproof Design :Brush fearlessly in the shower with Fairywill's waterproof design. It's perfect for those who struggle to remember to brush their teeth every day.

• Replacement Heads :Ensure optimal oral care with the replacement heads. These heads are designed to provide a deep cleaning, reaching areas that other toothbrushes can't.

• Soft Bristles :The soft bristles are gentle on your gums, making this toothbrush suitable for all tooth types and gum conditions.

• 220V Power :With a power type of 220V, this toothbrush provides a strong and reliable clean, ensuring your teeth are free from plaque and food particles.

Brand Story

Fairywill is a brand all about family, friends and care. We see a world where the highest in stylish designs (Cool) meets the most effective cleaning (Clean) to bring the best oral care tools (Care).

Love sparkles within every smile, and Fairywill makes you and your love ones’ smiles radiant.

Model 507

The Fairywill 507 Electric Toothbrush Is A Game Changer.

This brush with powerful ultrasonic technology, giving you a Over A Month’s Worth Of Manual Brush Strokes In Less Than Two Minutes. The powerful sonic movements whip up toothpaste into micro bubbles, driving them deep between teeth and along the gum line for Gentle, Effective Cleaning. It removes more stains but also Eliminates Doubt In The Quality Of Your Brushing, it truly is Engineered To Perform.Overall an upgraded brushing experience than a regular electric toothbrush.

  • High Quality; One 4-hour charge last 30 days

  • 5 Different Cleaning Modes best for sensitive teeth

  • USB Charging is good for traveling

  • A 2 Minutes Smart Timer with interval pausing every 30 seconds encourages a good brushing habits.

Sonic Technology

With the power powerful ultrasonic cleaning technology you will get A Cleaning That Is So Thorough You Will Feel As If You Just Got Out Of The Dentist's Chair. The W Tooth-Waved Bristles are made with Dupont nylon, to suit teeth topography for thorough cleaning of gums and hard to reach areas

A 2 Minutes Timer

Built in 2 minutes smart timer with interval pauses reminding you to change brushing area every 30 seconds to encourage a healthy brushing habit. Automatically shuts off when two minutes is up.

IPX7 Rated Waterproof Design.

Water-resistant of this Model up to IPX7. The entire toothbrush can be rinsed with water, safe and convenient. Waterproof to be used at bath and shower.

Coffee Stain? Sensitive Gums? Inter-dental stains?These are not the problems.Because Fairywill Electric Toothbrush 508 provides 3 different strong modes. To fit in your gums and teeth, you can choose the appropriate mode while brushing your teeth. Enjoy the brushing interest! CLEAN mode can remove 10X more stains along the gum. SENSITIVE mode is designed for the fresh user of electric toothbrush. Massage mode improve gum health by delivering soothing micro-bursts into tissue to improve circulation and overall health.

Color Reminder Bristles

The brush heads will remind you to replace your brush head through blue indicator bristles. Gentle on your gum and blue indicator bristles fade in color to let you know when it's time to replace the brush head.

Fantastic for Travel

4 hours charge for minimum 30 days use, you can bring the brush without a charger when you are traveling.USB charging, safe and easy, auto shut off after full charge, compatible with any charger or equipment with a USB port.

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